SparkRise Helps You Raise Funds and Build Awareness

A new way of attracting and strengthening your funding support from businesses.

Attract More Funds
from Businesses!

SparkRise combines the best in social media and mobile technologies to help you easily attract and grow your fundraising support from businesses.

As a SparkRise member, you:

  • Are included in our portfolio of SparkRise causes that businesses review and consider for funding during a SparkRise campaign.
  • If selected by a business sponsor for a campaign, can choose to opt-in or opt-out of a campaign.
  • Participate in a campaign at no cost to you.
  • Can increase the success of a campaign and your funding support by asking your current supporters (via email, social media, or otherwise) to participate. Campaign participation typically requires less than 30 seconds.

You may also want to encourage your current business sponsors to become SparkRise business members and sponsor you in a campaign—which may provide them with incentives to increase their funding level.

Monthly Membership Fee
  • $19.99
Campaign Fee
  • No charge

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